Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh how time flies

Here are Shelby's 6 month stats:

Weight 17 lbs. 12 oz.

Height: 27 inches

Sitting on her own, Standing on her own, Rolling to get from place to place, Babbling. Eating lots of fruits and veggies and some finger foods.
She is such a sweet good natured baby. Andy and I both know we are very blessed.

The River with the Pups

We have been slightly neglectling to our dogs. The are running with me about 25 miles a week but due to school, work and weather we hadnt had the chance to take the pups to the river, there favorite summer activity. It was still pretty difficult to do with a baby and two very active dogs but everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Lazy summer mornings

With Andy being done with his first master's level class (he got and A!) We spent alot of early mornings before my work laying around in PJ's.

Newfound Lake

Andy and I spent alot of time together this summer working around the house and studying for his classes. Once Andy's class was over we enjoyed some time and a local beach with Shelby.

Reading with Dad

Andy and I have been trying to read to Shelby a couple time a day. Most of the time I read her childrens books like "Goodnight Moon" or the "Hungry Catepillar". Andy however prefers more stimulating texts. Here he is reading her "High Fidelity". Finally he gave in and picked a little more age appropriate book when she seemed less than interested in a book without pictures.

In my Jumperoo

When we first put Shelby in the Jumperoo we had to put books under her feet. She now not only jumps constantly but spins herself around and last week Andy had to raise the level because she is getting so big. Time flies.

Friday, July 31, 2009